Shobdon LAA Strut


The Shobdon Strut was formed in 2002

Memberships subs

At the 2009 AGM it was agreed that the Annual Subs would remain at £5.00

Members to pay £1.00 for each meeting attended. Visitors to pay £2.00


The Shobdon Strut was formed from members of Herefordshire Aero Club to encourage local aviators to meet on a regular basis, foster an environment for home built aircraft, & to promote aviation to a wider audience. The Strut enjoys an excellent relationship with the Aero Club, which also encourages the Strut's activities at the airfield.

The Strut meets once a month at Shobdon, & has hosted a wide variety of speakers covering all aspects of Aviation.

We hold an annual Fly-in which attracts over 100 aircraft from all over the country as well as visitors by road who come to see & meet the owners.

We have run a number of Young Flyers events which gets youngsters airborne in Home built aircraft & we hope fosters an interest in aviation

Our History

Since we began we have heard from a wide range of very interesting & famous speakers including, Capt Eric "Winkle" Brown, Derrek Piggott, John Farley, Harrier production test pilot, most of the PFA staff, as well as several ex WW2 veterans.

We were the first strut to run a "Now Spread your Wings" event in 2006 & attracted about 20 pilots who were thinking about flying Permit aircraft but were not sure how to go about it.

We were awarded the Best PFA Strut of the year 2006 in recognition for the Now Spread Your Wings event.